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McDonalds Penguin Madagascar Happy Meal Toys USA 2014

McDonalds Penguin Madagascar happy meal toys are the toy give away at McDonalds restaurants in USA beginning 26 November 2014. This a set of 6 cool McDonalds toys featuring Skipper, Rico and Kowalski characters from the hit movie Penguins Madagascar. Sets of these toys can be obtained by either buying outright in store or by purchasing happy meals (one toy inside each happy meal).

McDonalds Penguins Madagascar Happy Meal Toys USA 2014

The six happy meals toys in this Penguins Madagascar happy meal set from McDonalds are in order of release:
  1. Skipper Rolls #1 - wind up toy which comes with blue plastic tire  
  2. Kowalski Launcher #2 - shoots missiles from a shoulder launcher
  3. Rico Fish Flyer #3 - ejects blue fish from mouth when button on back pressed
  4. Penguin Periscope #4 - 6 inch pullout periscope with viewfinder
  5. Penguin Binoculars #5 - transforms into binoculars when opened out
  6. Private Penguin #6 - squirts water when button on back is pressed

Extra for Collectors
If you think that these toys look familiar you are not wrong.  Basically they have had a few cosmetic changes and are a re-release of the Penguins of Madagascar set from 2010. For instance Kowalski has blue earmuffs in 2010 versus yellow ones in the 2014 release but it is the same toy. View the McDonald Penguins of Madagascar happy meal set 2010 

Watch Videos to See the Penguins of Madagascar Toys in Action 
Want to see how these Penguins of Madagascar happy meal toys from McDonalds actually look and function check out the videos below.

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