Saturday, February 28, 2009

Burger King Pink Panther 2 Toys

Burger King have released a set of Pink Panther 2 kids meal toys in time for the new Pink Panther 2 movie. The Pink Panther 2 promotional set of 8 toys released in February 2009 includes:

Karate Chop Pink Panther
Pink Panther Shades
Pink Panther PDA
Pink Panther Diamond Bangle
Pink Panther Caper
Clue Clouseau
Closeau Disc Launcher
Car Crazy Clouseau

Set of 8 Burger King Pink Panther 2 Toys Released February 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabbage Patch Kids and Monster Jam Trucks at Burger King

The current Kids Meal promotions at Burger King are Monster Jam trucks and Cabbage Patch Kids. The 6 collectable toys in the Monster Jam trucks promotion have all-wheel pivot steering and interchangeable tops. The set includes:

Grave Digger
Maximum Destruction
Scarlet Bandit
Captain Curse
BK Monster Truck

Burger King Monster Jam Trucks 2009

There are 6 Cabbage Patch minis complete with sticker accessory to collect in this set which includes:

Natalie Maria
Sophia Rebecca
Isabella Anna
Kayla Elizabeth
Madison Brianna
Alyssa Tamara

Burger King Cabbage Patch Kids 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

McDonalds Hotel for Dogs Happy Meal Toys

Hotel for Dogs happy meal toys are currently being promoted by McDonalds to coincide with the movie release. The dogs in this 8 piece plush set are cute and fluffy and highly collectable. Each toy comes with its own clip making it easy to attach it to bags or belts.

McDonalds Hotel for Dogs Promotion 2009
The 8 toys included in this McDonalds promotion are:

Shep, Friday, Lenny, Juliet, Henry, Romeo, Cooper, Georgia

Juliet from the McDonalds Hotel for Dogs Promotion 2009
Romeo from the McDonalds Hotel for Dogs Promotion 2009

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