Monday, November 10, 2008

Simpsons Couch-a-Bunga at Burger King

Burger King is giving away cool Simpsons Couch toys with every Burger King Kids Meal sold beginning 10 Novemeber 2008. The promotion, which is part of a Burger King global campaign, launches at Burger King restaurants around the world simultaneously.

There are 6 toys each depicting a different Simpson family member. Each toy snaps together to form a couch apart from the Santa's Little Helper toy which is stand alone. The Simpsons family is sitting on the couch much like you see in the opening sequence of the TV show.

Burger King Simpsons Couch a Bunga 2008 set of 6 kids meal toys

The toys included in the Simpsons couch set are:

Homer - raises arms
Bart - playing with TV remote
Marge - hair flips
Lisa - playing saxaphone
Maggie - pops up
Santa's Little Helper - TV spins

Burger King Simpsons Couch a Bunga 2008 kids meal toys - Lisa

The Burger King Simpsons Couch set of 6 toys look great on display. Couch-a bunga!