Thursday, December 4, 2008

Burger King Nintendo Wii Toys

Burger King is giving away 10 Wii kids meal toys based on the Nintendo characters and games. The toys are being released two at a time throughout late November and December 2008. Each of the Burger King Nintendo Wii toys come with their own magnetic Wii remote.

The 10 Wii toys included in this Burger King promotion are:

Chain Chomp Launcher - Launch to knock down Wario and Bowser

Burger King Wii Kids Meal Toys 2008 - Chain Chomp Launcher - image credit unknown

Flip and Stick Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong flips through the air
Light-Up Luma - Luma lights up
Metroid Challenge - Get ball through a maze

Burger King Wii Kids Meal Toys 2008 - Flip and Stick Donkey Kong,Light-Up Luma,Metroid Challenge - image credit unknown
Whirl 'n Twirl Princess Peach - Windup - twirls
Mario to the Rescue - Get Mario to the Top
Mario Kart Yoshi - Goes in different directions

Burger King Wii Kids Meal Toys 2008 -Mario to the Rescue,Whirl 'n Twirl Princess Peach,Mario Kart Yoahi - image credit unknown

Rumbling Tumbling Diddy Kong - Windup - tumbles
Float and Go Boo - Floats forward using Wii remote
Galaxy Blast Mario - Blasts off

Burger King Wii Kids Meal Toys 2008 - Rumbling Tumbling Diddy Kong, Float and Go Boo, Galaxy Blast Mario - image credit unknown

10 Wii Toys from Burger King. Get 'em while they are hot!

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