Friday, July 24, 2009

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies Toys 2009

In celebration of McDonalds 30th birthday in 2009 McDonalds has released a new collection of 30 Ty Teenie Beanie Babies. One Ty Beanie Baby comes with every McDonalds happy meal sold in the US between 17 July and 13 August in 2009.

McDonalds is sure to keep toy collectors happy with this new collection of Ty Teenie Babies. These plush toys check all the boxes - the kids toys are cute, cuddly and collectable. Plus each McDonalds Teenie Beanie Baby comes with a signature Ty hangtag featuring a unique online code that extends the fun online. Check out

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 - 30 Plush toys

The McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies set of 30 plush toys includes the following:

1. Clipper the Dolphin (Plush blue dolphin)
2. Maiden the Ladybug (Plush red ladybug)
3. Boomer the Dog (Plush tan puppy with brown ears)
4. Ronald McDonald (Plush Ronald McDonald)

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Ronald McDonald - 30 toys to collect
5. Jumps the Frog (Plush green and yellow frog)
6. Woolsy the Sheep (Plush fluffy white sheep)
7. Quackly the Duck (Plush yellow duck)
8. Aussie the Koala (Plush grey koala)
9. Streamers the Bear (Plush multi-colored bear with squiggly streamers)
10. Fez the Monkey (Plush purple monkey with red hat)
11. Pico the Dog (Plush tan Chihuahua with pink fur collar)
12. Thirty the Bear (Plush green bear with patch on chest)
13. Chill the Penguin (Plush black and white penguin)
14. Radish the Dog (Plush red dog with long hair)

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Radish the Dog
15. Fluffball the Guinea Pig (Plush furry guinea pig)
16. Topper the Giraffe (Plush giraffe with brown furry mane)
17. Rascal the Dog (Plush white dog with long hair)
18. Yammy the Cat (Plush orange striped cat with green eyes)
19. Fable the Unicorn (Plush white and purple unicorn)

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Yammy the Cat
McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Fable the Unicorn

20. Ming the Panda (Plush black and white panda)
21. Grimace (Plush purple Grimace)
22. Skunkers the Skunk (Plush black and white skunk)
23. Hydrant the Dog (Plush black and white dalmatian)
24. Spurs the Horse (Plush brown horse)
25. Cargo the Pug (Plush tan puppy with wrinkled face)
26. Pops the Gorilla (Plush grey gorilla)

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Pops the Gorilla
27. Frostiness the Polar Bear (Plush white polar bear)
28. Oasis the Tiger (Plush orange tiger)
29. Splits the Flamingo (Plush pink flamingo)
30. Celebration the Bear (Plush brown bear with birthday hat)

McDonalds Ty Beanie Babies 2009 toys - Celebration the Bear

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