Sunday, November 14, 2010

Burger King Kinectimals Pet Shop Toys 2010

Burger King Pet Shop Kinectimals kids meal toys are the promotional toy at Burger King during November 2010. There are 6 Burger King Kinectimals toys being given away, one with every BK Kids Meal purchased at Burger King restaurants between November 1 and 21.

Kinectimals is a new game for XBox 360 that lets you interact with your on-screen pet with Kinect. You can pat your pet, name your pet and watch it respond to your voice commands. All the Burger King Kinectimals carry a special tag on the back of the toy insert that when scanned in lets you unlock the same toy in the Kinectimals game. Instructions on how to add your Burger King Kinectimals toy to the XBox 360 Kinectimals Game

Burger King Pet Shop Kinectimals Toys - BK kids meal promotion  November 2010

The 6 adorable BK Kinectimals toys included in the Burger King kids meals toy promotion are :

  • Giraffe - Plush giraffe. Cuddly and simply irresistible soft toy!

  • Bear - Plush cuddly soft toy

  • Elephant - Plastic toy elephant. Slide open compartment and fill with water. Press ear and trunk squirts water!

  • Gorilla - Plastic wind up toy. Gorilla walks on his knuckles when wound up

  • Lion - Plastic toy with sound chip. Switch on, push his button to hear him roar!

  • Monkey - Plush and cuddly monkey toy

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