Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McDonalds Halloween Pails Mr Potato Head 2010

McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween Buckets are the latest happy meal promotion in the US and Canada. To celebrate the Halloween season McDonalds in association with Hasbro are giving away Halloween Pails featuring Mr Potato Head with every happy meal sold. The promotion runs for only a short time between October 15 and 28, 2010 so act quickly if you want to add these spooky pails to your McDonalds collection.

There are two different McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween pails in the promotion. The classic McBoo themed Halloween pails of past promotions in the 1980's and 1990's (traditionally three - pumpkin, ghost and witch) have been retired this time round in favor of this new Mr Potato Head version. But fear not even though the pails come with only a paper lid not a plastic one will still carry your candy and are perfect for the kids Trick or Treat night

McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween Pails - Skeleton and Jack O'Lantern
Each Halloween pail comes with a bunch of decorative stickers featuring Mr Potato Head to adhere to the blank spots on the bucket. The fun part is that you get to add Mr Potato Head body parts such as arms, feet and eyes to the side of the pail. The stickers come attached to the lid and are easy to peel off and apply.

One problem with the stickers is that they will eventually wash off and as these are the kind of happy meal premium that people want to hang on to this feature hasn't been properly thought through. On the up side one of the very cool aspects of these McDonalds Halloween buckets is that the carry handle is detachable and doubles as a mask - you get to choose either a skull and cross bones or jack o'lantern.

The McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween Pails set for 2010 includes the following happy meal premiums:

  • Skeleton Bucket - Orange bucket, white handle. Skull and cross bones handle. Decorative Mr Potato Head stickers

  • Jack O'Lantern - Lime green bucket with orange handle. Jack O'Lantern themed handle

McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween Pails 2010 - Skeleton
McDonalds Mr Potato Head Halloween Pails 2010 - Jack O'Lantern
McDonalds Halloween Pails Canada Promotion 2010

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