Monday, July 19, 2010

Burger King Twilight Saga Eclipse Toys

Burger King released 8 Twilight Saga Eclipse Kids Meal toys on June, 21 2010 as a tie-in with the Twilight Eclipse movie, the third in the Twilight Saga series. There are 4 keepsakes for girls and 4 accessories for guys in the Burger King Twilight Eclipse kids meal toy promotion.

Burger King Twilight Eclipse kids meal toys

Burger King have produced a special Twilight Eclipse paper bag and drink cup as part of the promotion. The line up for girls toys and guy accessories are showcased on the side of the bag.

Also included in the Burger King Twilight Eclipse promotion are 4 Twilight Eclipse Limited Edition Crown Cards. The gift cards feature Bella, Edward, Jacob, and a card of all three characters. These Twilight Eclipse gift cards are similar to the cards released in the Burger King Twilight New Moon promotion.

Another aspect of this Burger King Twilight Eclipse promotion is the character themed game pieces that are given out by Burger King for the online game. One game piece for a BK Value Meal and 2 game pieces if upsized. To play online and win prizes check out the Burger King Twilight Eclipse game.

Included in the set of 8 Burger Twilight Eclipse toys are the following kids meal toys:

Twilight Guy Accessories
  • Edwards Wristband
  • Forks Footbag
  • Morphin' Jacob Wallet
  • Growlin' Jacob Backpack Clip

Twilight Girl Keepsakes
  • Bella Bracelet
  • Bella Picture Banner
  • Cullen Crest Ring
  • Bella Tote Bag

Burger King Twilight Eclipse toys - set of 8 accessories

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