Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys 2010

Burger King Marmaduke kids meal toys are being given away worldwide at Burger King during June 2010. The North American Burger King toy promotion which last 4 weeks coincides with the US release of the Marmaduke movie on June 4th. Sure to be popular these Burger King Marmaduke toys are character themed and include two different versions of America's favorite great dane, Marmaduke.

There are 8 toy premiums in this Burger King Marmaduke set. The BK Marmaduke toys are plastic and have little articulation. The Marmaduke set includes some action and wind up toys along with other more gender specific toys like the Comb 'n Style Jezebel which is likely to appeal to girls.

With so many fast food toys coming with a sound chip these days it is a bit surprising that Burger King didn't give these Marmaduke kids meal toys signature phrases. However dogs have proved a popular theme for fast food toys over the last few years with promotions such as the cute Hotel for Dogs premiums from Burger King's rival McDonalds so the dog theme alone may ensure their popularity.

Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys Promotion - 4 of 8 Toys - Mazie, Marmaduke, Jezebel, Guiseppe
Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys Promotion - 4 of 8 Toys - Raisin, Marmaduke, Lightning, Bosco
The Burger King Marmaduke 2010 set of kids meal toys includes the following toys:

  • Stick 'n Move Bosco - attach leash and take Bosco for a walk

  • Turn 'n Roll Mazie - wind up Mazie's tail to see her turn over

  • Comb 'n Style Jezebel - comb Jezebel's coat

  • Bone Catching Marmaduke - tail wags when bone moved back

  • Loungin' Guiseppe - figure on cushion

  • Cuddly Raisin - plush toy with bow tie and leash

  • Pouncin' Marmaduke - leaps forward when back pressed down

  • Darting Lightning - wind up and lock to see Lightning move

Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys Promotion 2010 - Pouncing Marmaduke
Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys Promotion 2010 - Comb 'n Style Jezebel
Burger King Marmaduke Kids Meal Toys Promotion 2010 - Stick 'n Move Bosco

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