Monday, May 17, 2010

McDonalds Shrek Forever After 3D Toys 2010

From May 14 to June 10, 2010 the McDonalds happy meal toy promotion in USA and Canada is Shrek Forever After 3D toys. There are 8 character-themed toys from the Shrek Forever After 3D movie in the McDonalds set. In other parts of the world the toys are slightly different eg Australia and New Zealand promotion

Each of the plastic toys in the set deliver several funny phrases from the Shrek 3D movie when touched in different ways. Simply slide the button to the on position to hear each McDonalds Shrek toy speak.

McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys
The 8 McDonalds happy meal toys included in this 2010 set of Shrek Forever After 3D toys are:

  1. Donkey
    Pull the waffle in Donkey's mouth to see his head move from side to side and hear him say these different phrases. "Uhhhhh!" "Uhhh!" "Huh?" "Hey!" "My waffle!" "Hmmm?" "Whoo?" "Waffles!"
  2. Gingy
    Pull Gingy's arms to hear him giggle out loud. Gingy says "Ahh!" and "Over my crumbled body!"
  3. Shrek
    Touch Shrek anywhere on his body to hear him say 3 phrases: "Hey!", "I'm warning you!" and "Alright cut it out!"
  4. Little Wooden Puppet
    Press the little puppet's nose to hear him giggle and say "Oh!" and "I'll never become a real boy!"
  5. Princess Fiona
    Press Princess Fiona's shield to hear her say: "Hya!", "Hyaaaa!" and "Let's move out!"
  6. Rumpelstiltskin
    Push down on his head to hear him say: "Ha!", "Haha!", "Hoho!", "Bap bap bap!" and "Rumpelstiltskin!"
  7. Puss in Boots
    Pat Puss in Boots on his back to hear him say "Purr", "Do I know you?", "Raaahr!" and "Ha!"
  8. Three Little Pigs
    Press the middle pig's belly to hear them say "Ohhh!", "Uhhuh!", "He hoofed!", "He poofed!", "Hyaaa!" and "Yaaa!"

McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Shrek
McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Puss in Boots
McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Little Wooden Puppet
McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Donkey
McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Gingy
McDonalds Shrek 3D Forever After Happy Meal toys - Princess Fiona

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Kristen from shrek toys said...

These are gonna be big! if you look on amazon and ebay the macdonalds shrek toys from years back are still selling for quite a pretty penny.

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

hi :) my boyfriend and i already completed the set1 of happy meal limited edition SHREK toy collection..

but ours is different from in the philippines the first set only contains 2 shreks, fiona, pinocchio, donkey and puss ^_^

and oh, gingy as well. anyways, hope you can visit my site too..i also have an article bout shrek happy meal collection. thanks a lot :D

The Wizz said...

Hi ur_gurLNxtdOor

Thanks for stopping by. It's great to hear about the set released in the Phillipines. I didn't have any information on that before.

The differences in McDonalds toy releases between countries is quiet amazing. The toys in Australasia haven't been released yet but they are quiet different from the US and Asian sets. Not sure about Europe. If anyone knows that would be helpful.

Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Will leave a comment there too.

mica said...

I have a Puss in Boots toy but not like this one. He's standing, has a a hat and a cape and boots! but same tummy. haha!

nikhil pundlik said...

Hey dude ... is this toy from India ?
Because I am from mumbai , and i got this shrek toy recently, and i am quite positive that the third phrase he says is "Abbey Khalnayak"

( Hindi Meaning - Hey Villian )

The Wizz said...

A lot of McDonalds toys are global promotions. These Shrek toys were available worldwide but there were regional differences. I didn't realize that McDonalds happy meal toys in India speak Hindi and not English. Thanks for your question.