Friday, April 2, 2010

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Dragon 3D

The current toy at McDonalds is Dragon 3D. McDonalds is giving away Dragon 3D happy meal toys in McDonalds restaurants across USA from March 26, 2010. There are 8 McDonalds Dragon 3D character toys to collect each with push button action to make the wings flap. The McDonalds promotion is part of a global campaign to coincide with the release of the How to Train Your Dragon the latest Dreamworks animated 3D movie.

The McDonalds happy meal toys released in this Dragon 3D set are:

  • Terrible Terror
  • Nadder and Astrid
  • Night Fury
  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Toothless and Hiccup
  • Gronckle
  • Hideous Zippelback
  • R.D.

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Dragon 3D - Toothless and Hiccup toy
McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Dragon 3D - RD toy
McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Dragon 3D - Night Fury toy

The next McDonalds toy promotion will be the Hot Wheels Battleforce 5 and Barbie, A Mermaid Tale which begins on April 23, 2010.

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krakit said...

Thanks for making this blog.
I've been looking for one
that would post updates on
coming Kids meal toys.

Are there any plans to cover
other stores beyond McDonalds
and Burger King?

The Wizz said...

Hi there Krakit. I'm glad you like my blog and are finding it useful. I guess I have been pretty disappointed in the level of interest my site receives so I have no plans to cover other fast food toys other than McDonalds and Burger King. However if you check out Toy Collector New Zealand you will find some toys from KFC are covered. If you would like to follow me please click on the Follow button. Enjoy!

mstx003 said...

Can anyone tell me what the Barbie A Mermaid Tale does when you put it in water???

The Wizz said...

Hi there. When you put the Xylie or Merliah toy in cold water they reveal images on their mermaid tales. Please see McDonalds Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale toys

Anonymous said...

The Wizz, thanks for clearing that up! My daughter has been driving me up the wall with the same question!

You're a lifesaver!

Thanks again!

Sean from Kuala Lumpur