Friday, February 12, 2010

Burger King Spectacular Spider-man 2010 Polly Pocket Toys

BK Spectacular Spider-man "Animated Series" kids meal toys and Polly Pocket kids meal toys are the latest toy premiums to be given away by Burger King. There are 4 fast food toys in both these Burger King collections released during February 2010. The Spectacular Spider-man set of toys includes 2 different Spider-man action figures, Venom and Doc Ock. The Polly Pocket toy set for girls is made up of 4 fashion accessory toys.

Burger King Spectacular Spider-man and Polly Pocket Kids Meal Toys 2010
Burger King Spectacular Spider-man Animated Series Toys 2010
This Burger King line up of collectible Spider-man toys is sure to have a following with adult toy collectors and kids alike. Burger King has teamed up with Marvel to produce this set of character-themed toys inspired by the TV show Spectacular Spider-man The Animated Series.

Burger King Spectacular Spider-man Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2010 - Set of 4 Toys
The Burger King spectacular Spider-man kids meal toys set includes the following toys:

  • Swingin' Spidey -

  • Double Draw Venom -

  • Web Span Spidey - press button on back for web under arms to spring out

  • Doc Ock Tentacle Swirl -

Burger King Spectacular Spider-man Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2010 - Web Span Spidey

Burger King Polly Pocket Toys 2010
The Burger King line up of Polly Pocket toys is aimed specifically at girls aged 3 and over. The Burger King Polly Pocket kids meal toys set for 2010 includes the following toys:
  • Fashion Boa Polly - Polly comes with a pink furry boa that doubles as a scrunchy

  • Polly Pocket Mobile Styler - flip the top and slide the lever to reveal a fun hairbrush & mirror

  • Polly Time - open the lid of the flower ring to reveal a digital clock

  • Polly Pocket Nail Deco Dispenser - twist the flower to dispense cute nail stickers

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