Friday, December 11, 2009

McDonalds Avatar Happy Meal Toys

From 11 December 2009 until December 31 2009 McDonalds is giving away Avatar happy meal toys in McDonalds restaurants across USA. There are 6 McDonalds Avatar character toys (3 creatures and 3 characters) to collect during the course of the promotion. McDonalds have launched this global campaign to coincide with the hit movie Avatar which is currently taking the world by storm. Rather a surprise from McDonalds given that it has not since 1992 with Batman Returns promoted tie-in toys for a movie rated PG-13.

McDonalds Avatar Happy Meal Toys - Set of 6 - Jake Sulley, Direhorse, Neytiri, Great Leonopteryx, Tsu'tey, Hammerhead Titanothere
The toys look good on display and also light up if the dedicated on-off switch is set to on. Some of the toys even respond to voice which is very cool. The 6 Avatar happy meal toys included in the McDonalds happy meal toys promotion are:

  • Jake Sully
  • Direhorse
  • Neytiri
  • Great Leonopteryx
  • Tsu'tey
  • Hammerhead Titanothere

McDonalds Avatar Happy Meal Toys - Direhorse
McDonalds Avatar Happy Meal Toys - Great Leonopteryx
McDonalds Avatar Happy Meal Toys - Jake Sulley

Previous Toy Promotion at McDonalds:
McDonalds Nerf and Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meal Toys
Following on from the McDonalds Nerf and Strawberry Shortcake toy promotion which concluded on December 10, McDonalds have released 6 Avatar happy meal toys.

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