Saturday, September 12, 2009

McDonalds Toys Barbie and Hot Wheels Cars 2009

The Barbie and Hot Wheels Happy Meal toy promotion has just begun at McDonalds in the US. From 11 September 2009 one of 6 Barbie fashion accessory toys for girls and one of 6 Hot Wheels die-cast racing car toys for boys is being given away with every McDonalds Happy Meal sold.

The McDonalds toys that make up the Barbie set are:

Barbie Lip Gloss Compact
Barbie Clutch Notebook
Barbie Mirror Compact with Comb
Barbie Fashion Container with Ring (to keep jewelry in)
Barbie Jewelry Kit (bracelets)
Barbie Purse Notebook

McDonalds Toys - Barbie 2009 promotion - Barbie Lip Gloss Compact, Barbie Clutch Notebook, Barbie Mirror Compact with Comb, Barbie Fashion Container with Ring,Barbie Jewelry Kit (Bracelets),Barbie Purse Notebook
McDonalds Barbie Toys 2009 Promotion - Clutch Notebook and stickers
McDonalds Barbie Toys 2009 Promotion - Lip Gloss Compact showing detail inside toy
McDonalds Barbie Toys 2009 Promotion - Mirror Compact and Comb - showing detail inside toy

The McDonalds Hot Wheels toys set includes 6 Hot Wheels cars plus a sticker set that kids can have fun with applying to each die-cast racing car. The toy cars included in the McDonalds Hot Wheels set are:
Vulture - (white)
Rocketfire - (red)
Ballistik - (blue)
Impavido 1 - (green)
Prototype H-24 - (orange)
Nitro Doorslammer - (black)

McDonalds Hot Wheels Toys 2009 Promotion - Set of 6 - Vulture (white),Rocketfire (red),Ballistik (blue),Impavido 1 (green),Prototype H-24 (orange), Nitro Doorslammer (black)
McDonalds Hot Wheels Toys 2009 Promotion - Nitro Doorslammer Racing Car
McDonalds Hot Wheels Toys 2009 Promotion - Rocketfire Racing Car

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