Tuesday, June 16, 2009

McDonalds Ice Age 3 Happy Meal Toys

The latest McDonalds happy meal toy promotion is Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. One kids toy from a set of 8 toys is being giving away by McDonalds with every happy meal sold from 19 June until the 16 July 2009. The kids toys are part of a global toy tie-in with the new Ice Age 3 movie.

McDonalds Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Set of 8 toys
The McDonalds set of Ice Age 3 happy meal toys includes the following 8 kids toys:

Manny (Move lever to see his head move side to side and to hear him say, "Whoa!" and "You know I can hear with these things")

Diego (push down hind legs for pouncing action)

Mamma Dino (head rotate for different facial expressions)

Buck (move right arm for thumbs up and to hear him yell "Nobody Move!")

Scrat (push button for acorn launcher)

Sid (move right arm to hear Sid say "Way to go Momzilla!" and "Everybody loves Sid!")

Rudy (move arm for jaw chomping action)

Scratte (press acorn on tail to hide and reappear)

McDonalds Ice Age 3 Toys 2009 Sid
McDonalds Ice Age 3 Toys 2009 Scrat
McDonalds Ice Age 3 Toys 2009 Rudy

Watch a Toy Review of Manny Video

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Nikki said...

fun fact! McDonald's sells more toys per year than Toys R Us! And people say they don't market to children.... for more joyful facts about the fast food industry check out www.stopcorporateabuse.org/food-campaign

The Wizz said...

Wow Nikki that's amazing. I'm pretty sure McDonalds would say they they give 'em away!