Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Trek Toys at Burger King

New for 2009 at Burger King comes the Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion - a toy tie-in with the latest Star Trek movie. There are 16 toys in this promotion doing justice to the long tradition that is Star Trek. Every week 4 toys will be released over a period of 4 weeks. Each toy has its own sound effect and comes with a small booklet describing the line up of toys included in the promotion.

Burger King Star Trek Toys Promotion - 16 Toys in the Set.  Photo Credit:

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The Star Trek set of 16 kids meal toys includes the following toys:

Star Trek Officers
Captain Kirk - “Kirk to enterprise”
Spock - “A rescue attempt would be illogical”
Bones - “I’m a doctor, not a physicist”
Scotty - “I’m giving it all she’s got, Captain”
Uhura - “Captain, we’re being hailed”
Chekov - “Ensign Chekov Pavel Andreivich, sir”
Sulu - “Warp 3, sir”
Spock Prime (Original Spock) - “Live long and prosper”

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Captain Kirk Figure
Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Spock Figure

Ships, Vehicles and Equipment
USS Enterprise - “Whoosh”
USS Kelvin - “Red Alert!”
Warbird - “Zoom”
Spock's Ship (Jellyfish) - “You’re gonna be able to fly this thing, right?
Shuttle - “Approaching Drop Zone”
Tricorder - Stardate 2248.42
Communicator - “Beam me up”
Hover Bike - “Vroom”

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - USS Enterprise
Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Klingon Warbird
Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Toy Promotion 2009 - Tricorder

16 Star Trek themed promotional toys from Burger King released in February 2009. Each character toy comes complete with sound effects. Watch the video to hear the toys speak:

Watch the Burger King Commercial - 31 secs

Also included in the promotion by Burger King are 4 quality Star Trek frosted glasses which are available for purchase at the rate of one per week over the 4 weeks. Each glass is nicely packaged in a box featuring a ship and a checklist on the box. The Burger King Star Trek glasses collection features:

Kirk and the Enterprise
Uhura and the Enterprise
Nero and the Narada
Spock and the Original Spock with Jellfish Ship

Burger King Star Trek Kids Meal Glasses Promotion 2009 - 4 Limited Edition Frosted Glasses at $1.99 each featuring Kirk/Enterprise/Uhuru/Enterprise/Nero/Narada/Spock/Jellyfish

This article has provided a rundown of the toys and glasses being promoted by Burger King in 2009 as part of a tie-in with the latest Star Trek movie. Images of the toys and information about their sound effects is included. Live long and prosper!!!

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