Friday, October 8, 2010

Burger King Prehistoric Pets Stardoll Toys

Burger King Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll kids meal toys are being given away with every BK Kids Meal purchased at Burger King until the end of October 2010. The Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll promotion runs from October 4 to October 31, 2010. The BK toys included in the promotion are 4 Prehistoric Pets figures targeting boys and 8 fashion-inspired Stardolls for girls.

Burger King Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll kids meal toys promotion -

Burger King Prehistoric Pets Kids Meal Toy Promotion

There are 4 character-themed Prehistoric Pets to collect in this Burger King set. The Burger King Prehistoric Pets set includes the following kids meal toys:

  • Runnin' Cruncher - Push and go toy

  • Squirting Screature - Add water and push button for squirting action

  • Strollin' D-Rex - Wind up toy

  • Xtractaurs Hybrid - Ulimate hybrid dinosaur. Plug Terradactyl onto Xtractaurs back

Burger King Stardoll Kids Meal Toy Promotion

Burger King Stardoll kids meal toy promotion features 8 Stardoll toys. Stardolls are a unique virtual fashion and dress-up experience for girls and young women with the emphasis on fame, fashion and friends. The fashion-inspired Stardoll premiums being given away at Burger King are based on Stardoll’s unique “virtual paperdoll” dress-up experience. The Burger King Stardoll promotion brings the Stardolls, a virtual product into the physical world for the first time.

The Burger King Stardoll toys encourage girls to mix-and-match real fabrics to create unique looks for the six different models included in the promotion. Whether in the mountains or at a party the Stardoll toys provide lots of opportunity to dress up the dolls

The North American Burger King promotion of the Stardolls is behind the rest of the world. Burger King released the Stardoll toys to more than 30 countries including UK, Europe and South America earlier in the year sometime around April.

There are 8 Burger KIng Stardoll paper cut out dolls along with real fabric to mix and match in this set:
  • Stardoll Movie Theater

  • Stardoll Park

  • Stardoll Snow Mountain

  • Stardoll Party

  • Stardoll Carnival

  • Stardoll Dance

  • Stardoll Beach

  • Stardoll Runaway

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